Downtown Restaurants

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Downtown Restaurants

Downtown Restaurants


When many guests first make their reservations at Lyndon House they ask if there are wonderful restaurants nearby and would we make a reservation for them. Well, since they will be staying in downtown Lexington this is an easy request to honor. Most of Lexington's culinary talent practices downtown and the chefs offer a variety of cuisines, specialties, and artistic culinary expressions.

Price range: $ - $$$$


 Fine Dining

These are some of our favorite upscale restaurants within five or six blocks of the Lyndon House:

Distilled $$$
Forbes: One of the best Southern Restaurants in America - Restaurant & Bourbon Bar. 

Dudley's $$$
One of Lexington’s favorites, located in historic downtown and serving an award winning American Cuisine. 

ItalX $$$
An avant-garde Italian restaurant located in City Center at 160 West Main Street.

Tony’s of Lexington $$$
A traditional steakhouse fare shares a table with innovative cuisine.


 Casual Fare

Many of our guests arrive with travel-fatigue and just want a comfortable place to have a relaxing dinner. The best remedy is one of the downtown bistros - small restaurants with a bar and a casual atmosphere. They serve a variety of comfort foods - including a burger and a beer. The following is a list of casual restaurants within walking distance of the Lyndon House:

Alfalfa's Vegetarian Restaurant $$
Vegetarian fare with “Innovative and eclectic homemade eats.”

Blue Heron Steakhouse $$$
Comfortable and Chic, locally owned.

Gray Goose Bistro $$$ (temporarily closed)
California style bistro serving “gourmet pizzas that rock.”

Carson's $$$
A Rustic and Chic Bourbon Bistro

Corto Lima $$
A Latin inspired restaurant specializing in a new brand of Latin cuisine with a modern interpretation.

County Club $$
A Hip Bistro “exploring and expanding the KY tradition of smoking meats.” 

Stella’s Kentucky Deli $$
Serving healthy meals using locally grown products.

Smithtown Seafood $$
Home grown eats “emphasizes local foods and old-fashioned Kentucky recipes.”