Healthy at the Inn

Lyndon House Safety Protocols

Sanitation Station 

 What we are doing:

 General Protocols

  • Health Checks: Before starting work staff members must undergo daily temperature and health check.
  • Face Masks: Staff members will wear face masks when interacting with co-workers or guests.
  • Limited Face to Face Contact: Communicate with other workers and guests should be done, as much as possible, by phone or text. 
  • Social Distancing: practice social distancing - CDC suggests at least six (6) feet apart.
  • Handling Other’s Items: If you handle other people’s property, wear gloves or wash your hand immediately after handling these objects.
  • Hand Sanitizer: There will be a hand sanitizer station at the Service Desk, the Dinning Room, public Restroom and each Guest Room. 
  • Safety Guidelines: Safety Guidelines will be posted at every Sanitizer Station.
  • Electronic check in and out.

 Cleaning Protocols

  • Public Spaces: Cleaning and disinfecting shall be frequent (multiple times per day) with an emphasis on high touch and hard non-porous surfaces.
  • Guest Rooms: In addition to routine cleaning, high-touch and hard non-porous items will be sanitized and disinfected. Laundering will include shower curtains and liners, bed linens, towels, sheets, bed spreads and pillow shams covers. 
  • Guest Room Entry: Housekeeping will not enter a guest room during a stay unless requested by the guest, or to comply with safety protocols.

 What we suggest you do:

  • Limited Face to Face Contact: Communicating with staff and guests should be done, as much as possible, by phone or text. 
  • Wearing Masks: Guests are required to wear a face masks when out side the guest room and when going out into the local community.
  • Social Distancing: We encourage our Guests to Practice Social Distancing while in the Inn’s common areas and when going out into the local community.
  • Hand Washing: We encourage our Guests to wash or sanitize your hand frequently.
  • Feeling Sick: If you have a fever or have symptoms of COVID 19, please stay at home and call your doctor. We will allow you to cancel without penalty. 

 Stay Safe my friends. We are getting through this together!

"We not only want to get through this. We want to come out strong and ready to rebuild." - Governor Andy Beshear


What's open in Kentucky?


May 11 - a variety of Office Based Business, including Lodging industry

May 20 - Retail

May 22 - Gatherings of 10 

May 25 - Personal Services like Barbershops and Salons


June 1 - Bowling Alleys, Fitness Centers and Movie Theaters

June 8 - Museums, Libraries, Outdoor Attractions and Distilleries

June 11 - State Campgrounds and Kentucky Horse Park

June 15 - Some Childcare and Youth Sports (low touch & outdoors)


July 28 - Restaurant inside @50% capacity, plus outside dinning


August 11 - Bars and Gatherings of 50 people