Lyndon House Specials

Spring Specials

All I can say is that it's been cold! Cold enough to drive this amateur gardener

stir crazy. However, the good news is that Spring is coming...

let's  Eat, Drink and be Merry!"


While you're here, why not enjoy an additional night away for only $169.00?

(Specials do not apply during Premium Equestrian Events)


  • Family & Friends Reunion


    $169 a Room

    • A beautiful space to unwind and reconnect with each other. 
    • The ideal location near outstanding restaurants downtown.
    • Delicious complementary breakfast choices each morning. 
    • Someone else to clean up the mess!

  • Parent's Night Out



    • Private and comfortable accommodations. 
    • A bouquet of flowers and bubbly to help you unwind.
    • A $50 Bistro Card to a festive 'grownup' restaurant.
    • Come back and enjoy time together alone.
    • Wake up to Columbian coffee and a signature breakfast.

  • Horses, History & Hospitality



    • Beautiful accommodations for two. 
    • A colorful bouquet of flowers to brighten your private space.
    • A bottle of Champagne to help you unwind.
    • 2 Horse Farm/History Tour tickets. 
    • Wake up to fresh coffee & a signature breakfast.